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Email Management

Email management and the collection of personal information
administration of the MTA website will only record e-mail
addresses sent to the MTA by email. They will be used only
for the purpose that they have been provided and will not
be added to a mailing list without the consent.
E-mail addresses will not be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the addressee.
Forms and the collection of personal information
Any personal information collected through the use of an online form will only be collected using lawful and by fair means, used for a lawful purpose, be collected with your consent, and the collection purposes will be clear and explicit.

Data Collection

The Administration of the MTA website records the site visits and logs the following information for statistical purposes only:

Previous site visited and the type of browser used.
Pages accessed and documents downloaded
User's top level domain names, for example .com, .gov, .au, .uk, etc.
Date and time of the visit to site
User's operating system
User's server address
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