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The MTA was set up to promote the
automotive industry in Singapore.
Its activities include:
  • Acting as a resource centre for
    information relevant to motor
  • Performing a liaison service
    between motor distributors,
    regulatory and legislative
    bodies, training institutions
    and the general public so
    that rules pertaining to motor
    Vehicles can be phrased in a
    more practical manner and
    implemented more smoothly.
  • Promoting the advancement of skills and a higher standard of professionalism within the motor industry.
  • Promoting the image and cause of the industry through liaison with the mass media and the organisation of the biennial Singapore Motor Show where the latest advances in automotive technology are put on display.
  • Enhancing the image of authorised motor distributors through educating the public on the advantages of purchasing vehicles only through properly appointed channels.
MTA members are responsible for majority of vehicles registered in Singapore each year.
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